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Manage with Care – Electronic Information is as Important as any Other Business Asset

When considering a company’s assets, most people are likely to think about physical assets; buildings, office equipment, cars, subsidiaries etc, Others may also think about virtual assets such as a company’s brand or its reputation. Then there are electronic assets: the corporate videos, product photographs, financial documents. Like the physical and virtual assets, electronic assets [...]

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Leave Paper Behind, Improve Your Bottom-Line and Become Eco-Friendly.

The lead taken by UK government to become fully paperless by 2020, shows there is a concerted effort to change the way we all work. Despite this lead, many companies undoubtedly face an uphill struggle to attain this goal. It’s likely many issues will have to be dealt with on the road to a greener [...]

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Data, Data Everywhere But Can You Find It? #GDPR

With the proliferation of cloud and software services that many small and medium sized businesses are signing up for, the way in which data is dispersed over many different systems, handling many different processes and aspects of daily business activity, is something that is likely to cause concern for many considering the effects of GDPR. [...]

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How important is Customer Services & Role of Document Management /CRM

Document Management or DM and Customer Relationship Management or CRM doesn’t only involve applying technology, but also offer a strategy for learning more about the behaviors and needs of the customer as a way of strengthening your relationship with them. CRM therefore becomes more of a business philosophy and less a technical solution that helps [...]

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Back Office Filing – Key Role in the Successful Running of an Organisation

Back office filing will play a key role in the ever evolving business landscape. Faced with intense competition, organizations are looking for ways to reinforce their market reach and differentiate and develop systems to effectively cater for their client base. Below is a look at the importance of filing processes that are carried out in [...]

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Document Management & Collaboration

Introduction A Document Management System (DMS) could deliver significant benefits to any law practice looking to manage client correspondence more effectively and enhance internal processes. Most DMS solutions provide easy to use features to file and retrieve any document in any format and may include email management too. In addition DMS solutions will provide extensive [...]

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Document Management System can benefit your business

Document management has been around for many years even before Facebook and wireless broadband Companies have been trying to take the challenge and ensure they use less paper, but they keep hitting the print button. You want to use less paper but your mail box keeps getting filled with email after email after email. Take a walk [...]

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3 reasons Managing Documents electronically helps compliance

There are several reasons why organisations should resort to managing documents electronically. From the business point of view, the main reasons are to achieve savings in terms of costs and time, better productivity and increased efficiency. With more and more laws favoring transparency and better management of information, achieving legal compliance has become a major reason to use electronic document management. In this blog post, we will look [...]

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