The software is designed to be highly configurable – as such it can be customised to meet virtually any specific filing requirement. We have made the system very easy to use, very quick to implement and the costs are not prohibitive so it is easy to justify

Docusoft provide a number of solutions that have evolved from our core Docusoft DMS. The solutions include:

  • Docusoft DMS – Document Management and Workflow

  • Docusoft CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Docusoft Portal – Secure Document Delivery and Approval Processing

  • Docusoft Document Creator – document merge

  • Docusoft FFAP – Fixed Fee Pricing Quotation

All our solutions have extensive integration options to existing business applications. All the solutions are feature rich and all are easy to use. Security of information is important to all businesses – we recognise this so we make sure it is impossible to accidently (or on purpose) delete any document. There are extensive access controls to manage ‘who can see what’ and/or ‘who can perform what’. There is a comprehensive audit trail to manage the status of all user activity. Docusoft solutions will store and manage all types of information in any format, including paper, electronic files, emails and email attachments. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, Docusoft will benefit any business looking to improve their current filing and storage arrangements and enhance their operational efficiency.