Another key challenge facing accountants today involves secure document delivery. Securing information against unauthorised access is a critical part of the accounting process and confidential information needs to be delivered to the client securely and be responded to in short timeframes – post and emails have been the traditional delivery methods, but involve administration, lack control and sign-off cannot be automated. The Docusoft Portal makes it very easy to deliver documents securely to authorised recipients, provides a full audit trail of all user activity, includes an electronic sign-off and even provides an Upload feature for 2-way communication. The Docusoft Portal will deliver the benefits of secured document delivery with the added advantage of an electronic sign-off.

The Docusoft Portal is provided as an integrated option with the Docusoft Document Manager or can be purchased on a standalone basis. All documents are encrypted and the Portal is 100% browser based. As such clients can view published documents from anywhere and can approve, disapprove or just provide feedback. All activities are audited and reminders are provide for documents that have not been actioned by user-defined dates. Documents or large files can also be uploaded by the client creating a secure 2-way communication mechanism.

The benefits of the Docusoft Portal are numerous and include:

  • Document Encryption
  • Secure and immediate access to any published document from any location
  • Simple approval processes, including the automatic generation of certificates
  • Automated reminders for late documents
  • Document upload
  • Customised front-end

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