When a company decides to move from a paper environment into a paperless environment, the company makes a big leap forward into improving the efficiency of its employees and the reduction of environmental impact. Not only that, the company will have also made a move to significantly reduce its operational costs.

A paperless office improves employee efficiency in many ways. In the human resources department, one HR personnel can easily manage the records of hundreds of personnel very efficiently. Employee records are in electronic format thus the HR personnel do not have to spend so much time in going through paper documents, filing them accordingly, or retrieving them.

When it comes to other departments, the efficiency of the employees is increased because they have a way to easily manage and track their workload. In a single screen, they can view all of the documents that they need to work on.

Efficiency is also increased because the documents are quickly routed to the concerned individuals, even if some individuals are in a remote location. An employee may be working in the field and still be informed of documents that they need to be aware of.

A paperless office greatly improves the productivity of each and every employee. Less time is spent on searching for records meaning more time can be spent working on the tasks required.

Another good reason to move to a paperless office is to reduce the environmental impact. In a paper environment, the environment is affected in so many ways. Our natural resources are consumed faster than we can develop them. More trees are cut down every year than planted. Forests around the world are disappearing at a startling pace.

The processing of paper and even the recycling of paper leaves chemical wastes that are sipped into the earth or routed into the rivers and oceans. The earth’s fresh water supply is greatly affected and so is the marine environment.

Many environmental disasters can be attributed to the use of paper. The move to a paperless office will significantly improve the condition of our environment. Recycling paper may help our environment but only to a limited extent.

One of the solutions to the environmental crisis that we are in today is to completely stop or significantly reduce our paper usage. A 100% paperless office may not be possible for many organizations, but a paper usage reduction of even 50% will greatly contribute to helping our environment.

Millions and even billions of dollars are wasted every year around the world due to the widespread usage of paper. The use of paper not only hurts our economy, but our environment as well. The more companies that move towards becoming a paperless office, the more we can help our environment. The fewer trees are cut down each year, the greater the chances are of improving the quality of air that we breathe and the quality of water that we drink every day. A simple move to a paperless office will help to improve our quality of life.