With regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC), the need to keep this personal data private has been a high priority for accountancy practices for some number of years. GDPR will come in to force next year, and in addition to the pressures of financial compliance regulations, it is crucial accountants can show that privacy rules are adhered to also.

Advice offered by the ICO about ‘Sending personal data by email’ has helped promote the ever increasing use of ‘secure portals’ by professionals to deliver securely personal, private and sensitive documents to their clients.

At the request of many of its accountancy customers, Docusoft developed and launched its own secure portal service. The Docusoft Secure Portal offers accountants and businesses a secure method to deliver personal, sensitive and private documents to their clients.

Docusoft MD, Mr Shekhar Chauhan commented, “GDPR will only increase the need to ensure documents and data are delivered as securely as they can be. Every business should consider how it sends documents containing personal, sensitive or private data to its customers!”

Using industry-standard encryption and individual user accounts and passwords, clients log in to review, comment, print, download, upload and electronically approve documents. Once actioned, documents are automatically returned to the sender. The Docusoft Secure Portal can even send clients automated reminders if documents are not reviewed or approved by a due date. The portal provides proof of when and what is sent. This includes the date and time a document is sent, a document due date, the number of times a client views a document and the document approval status. All communication comments are logged and all approvals/disapprovals are certified.

Find out more about the Docusoft Portal here or call 0800 061 2515.

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