Have you ever been in a situation where you spent precious time just searching for a document you need? If you have, then you’re not alone. So many people tend to place little importance in keeping important documents filed properly. This results in missing or misplaced documents and could end up in lost profits or at the very least, humiliation.

Many companies employ document control personnel to ensure that important documents are properly filed. Unfortunately, we’re in the age of electronic documents and the mix of paper and electronic documents can run havoc on a filing process.

There are two ways you can avoid document filing disasters caused by a mixture of electronic and paper documents. First is to print out all electronic documents on paper so that they can be filed accordingly. Second is to scan all paper documents and file electronic copies.

The first option is definitely a waste of resources and definitely not environmentally friendly. The second option would be the better choice. Many companies and large corporations are gearing towards becoming a paperless office. However, maintaining files electronically is not as easy as it sounds.

First of all, electronic files need to be stored in a central location so that people who need to reference them can have access. Second; security can become a major problem with electronic files. Access needs to be granted according to the level of permissions and the sensitivity of the documents. Third; paper documents still need to be scanned and filed accordingly. For a small company, a single person will be able to accomplish this, but for large companies and corporations, several people may be needed to accomplish this task.

In order to overcome all these hurdles of maintaining electronic files, a well designed Electronic Document Management System is needed. The system needs to be able to keep all the files stored in a single location and grants access according to permission levels. The system needs to be totally secure and have back-up capabilities. Multiple people from different locations should be able to add files to the system.

Docusoft has the perfect Electronic Document Management System that has all the above capabilities and even more. With the Docusoft Document Management System employee productivity is increased by decreasing the amount of time that they need to file and retrieve documents.

Security is a major issue in companies. The DMS allows the company more control over who gets access to information sensitive documents.

Many companies now have branches all over the country and some even have overseas locations. The Docusoft DMS supports remote locations so that employees in these locations can have access to the documents they require and the ability to add documents to the filing system.

Proper document management is the key to a company’s organizational efforts. Without an effective document management system, time and effort is wasted and this will translate into lost earnings for the company. Employee productivity should the be main focus of all organizations and Docusoft’s Document Management System can play a big role in increasing productivity.