What are your information management issues?

Housing Associations have a requirement to store documents in various formats including, correspondence and records relating to properties, tenants, property maintenance, accounts, developments and back-office functions.

How can we help?

The Docusoft DMS provides a solution to manage and share all emails, internally generated documents (from back-office systems and ad-hoc documents), incoming post, outgoing post, etc., in a single easy to use system. The integration links with Microsoft Office and more specialist housing and property systems and helps ensure information is readily available to respond to tenant and other enquiries. Back-office tasks and decisions can be undertaken more promptly by providing access to all related information seamlessly and so improving team efficiency.


The benefits of Docusoft


  • Controlled access to files and folders

  • Central location for files

  • Easily managed backup and recovery


  • Carry case files on laptop

  • Access correspondence from anywhere.

  • Powerful search engine

  • Eliminate misfiling of documents

Storage / Efficiency

  • Increase productivity and services

  • Enhances business processes


  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Housing Association back office systems

What our client says?

“responsive Our office is running more efficiently since we introduced DocuSoft. Incoming mail is now largely distributed electronically. Due to back-scanning of paper files, office space is being freed and our plans for an office move are easier to consider. As a result of newly acquired properties we have recently moved into the ‘large’ category of housing associations and I am pleased that we have made the effort to move towards a less-paper office”

Housing Association, London