What is Document Management?

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Paperless Office’, Document Management is a comprehensive solution to managing information. It principally incorporates all the components necessary to capture paper, emails and electronic files, and manage the storage and retrieval of all this information in an easy-to-use system. Document Management solution may include as standard a workflow (routing) system so that information can be delivered to the right people at the right time, an audit trail which automatically records all activity, integration capabilities to allow easy access to/from line-of-business systems, and security to guarantee access by authorised users and make sure nothing can be deleted.


Why Document Management?

Document Management delivers benefits to businesses in a number of ways. Its main aim and deliverable is to save time and money and it achieves this by:

  • Providing access to all documents using powerful search options

  • Eliminating lost files

  • Reducing file storage

  • Managing E-Mails and storing them automatically alongside paper documents

  • Enhancing compliance

  • Improving business processes and client service

  • Delivering security


What do I need?

Docusoft only requires a server and a scanner – and our software to be installed, of course. We recommend as a minimum Microsoft Windows Server 2003/8 with MS-SQL Server (or MSDE) and adequate storage space (10GB for example) to accommodate 20,000 client files. Docusoft operates on thick or thin clients (via Terminal Services or Citrix), and supports any TWAIN compliant scanner or networked MFD.

Is it difficult to use?

Docusoft is very ease to use – training is achieved in 2 hours and as no documents can be deleted we are confident that users are operational in a very short time and can quickly develop confidence in their usage and knowledge of Docusoft.

How is it possible to measure the success?

Using Docusoft all documents (emails, paper, Word, Excel, etc.) can be filed and retrieved quickly. This means that paper storage will reduce, paper filing and lost files will no longer be an issue, the business process will be enhanced and users will become s more efficient. As such there are tangible and intangible benefits to be gained from using Docusoft .

Why Docusoft?

We have a proven record of reliability, support and of delivering a perfect information filing solution to business. which saves time and money.