The Docusoft Product Suite provides a powerful and secure environment to manage and view all documents, wherever they reside, and all contact data, with extended functionality for internal workflows, document handling, document import, document splitting, external document delivery, document security, access controls, and so much more.

Document Management System (DMS)

The DMS is our core development which allows users to capture, store and retrieve any document in any format (including emails) and manage them in a secure and easy to use system.

The comprehensive range of functions include user defined filing structures, multiple email out functions with PDF conversion option, document refile and rename, graphical overlays, multiple databases, user access controls, document linking, numerous capture and integration options including integration with MS-Office, document notes and much more.

The DMS delivers significant benefits to any business looking to minimise paper handling, reduce/eliminate filing storage and enhance document retrieval and management.


The DMS includes as standard an extremely powerful workflow capability allowing users to deliver any document to any user in an ‘In-Tray’ concept. Users can see what documents need actions, with ‘Action-By’ dates and optional instructions. Also included are escalation options so that documents can be automatically routed to managers if they are not actioned by their given timeframe, management reports so that teams/users can be monitored, and a comprehensive audit trail so that all document actions are recorded.

The DMS Workflow is a key component in managing and load balancing document/email driven tasks and will significantly improve internal business processes.


The CRM is provided to manage data, tasks, calendars, and letter/email templates specifically in regard to adding value to the Document Management System. The customer relationship management can be fully customised to provide any data field for any purpose and can even be configured to look up external applications for data values. Any data can searched and filtered for selective viewing, and views can be saved for later use. Letter or Email templates can be created and data is merged with any template for subsequent emailing or printing.  User tasks can be created and calendars can be managed or synchronised with Outlook Calendars.

The CRM provides a powerful, integrated add-on module to the DMS delivering extensive document and data management, letter/email creation, task management etc.


The Portal is a hosted environment providing the ability to send single or multiple documents to clients as a secure alternative to email. It includes an approval process to manage automated document sign-off (electronic approval) and an automated email reminder process so that the end-user gets prompted to respond. The Portal supports client uploads, is customised to be accessed from client websites, is available on mobile devices, and is extremely easy to use.

PDF Merge

The PDF Merge allows users to merge multiple documents into a single PDF. The documents can reside in the DMS or externally, and the newly created PDF can be emailed, published to the Portal, saved for later use of saved to the DMS.

Document Splitter

The Document Splitter will take a PDF of any number of pages and split the document into separate PDFs (of variable length pages, based on a page break) and then automatically file each document to the DMS in the correct location.

Document Bulk Importer

The Document Bulk Importer allows users to import all existing documents (in folders on user networks) by mapping the From/To options for filing to the DMS.