For centuries, the world has relied on paper to keep records of events, places, and people. When monetary systems were established, paper was the only way to keep financial records. Paper was used for almost everything. However, the wide use of paper has put a strain on our natural resources. In fact, this strain has been realized in many countries and the negative effects have been devastating.

Fortunately, the development of technology has paved the way for the world to slowly ease away from the use of paper thereby giving nature a little bit more breathing space.  However, nature has not been the only beneficiary. Technology has improved our lives in so many different ways.

We used to rely on postal mail to get our messages to far locations. Now, all we need is email and our messages will be received in a matter of seconds. We used to rely on telegraph to get short messages across faster. Now, mobile phones and text messages are widely available. Companies used to have large rooms filled with file boxes and documents. Now, a single room with a few servers is all a company needs to file millions of documents.

Technology has enabled us to make improvements to our way of life. Unfortunately, not every company in the world has been able to fully utilize technology. There are companies that still have rooms filled with file boxes and millions of documents, even if they have computers on every desk.

In the modern world, having correct equipment to realize the benefits of advanced technology is not enough. In addition to the equipment, systems also need to be adopted. This is one of the primary objectives of Document Management System.

A document management system enables us to realize the full benefits of the computer equipment we have. Instead of creating paper copies of our documents, distributing them to different departments, and having each department file their own copy, we can keep the document in electronic format, distribute to the departments in the same format, and keep a copy in a centralised location that all the departments can access.

Document management systems save a lot of time and effort. These savings will later on translate into financial savings for the company.

The modern world we live in is still not as modern as we would want it to be.  There are still companies that need to take advantage of these systems.  Document Management Systems are now widely available and all that is really needed is for companies to integrate these systems into their workflow.

Docusoft creates Document Management System and promotes the use of these systems to many companies. Companies like Docusoft are helping us transition in to a modern world that no longer relies on paper. The less we rely on paper, the less strain we place on our natural resources. When we no longer rely on the use of paper, we will create a modern world that still has an abundance of natural resources.