A document management system is a popular technology that can help organisations improve efficiency and increase productivity. By using workflow features in a document management system, the use of employee time can be streamlined by automating tasks that are traditionally manual. Optimising everyday tasks using technology allows efficiently and productivity to be increased.

Productivity is one of the biggest preoccupations of business, and for good reason. It is a crucial factor that a business can affect to improve its chances of greater success.

An electronic document management system may be just one way to increase employee productivity but it is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective and simple methods.

Key factors where there can be a negative effect without a document management system:

  • Manual Document Management

Many businesses still rely on a system to manage paper-based documents. These involve high levels of manual intervention for printing, copying, faxing and time spent filing and searching through filing cabinets to find documents. Besides these, there are other inefficiencies related to paper based document management such as, lost documents or a misplaced file left on an employee’s desk. A secure document management system is a simple way to increase efficiency and reduce the number of steps in our everyday paper-based office and make documents more accessible to employees.

  • Losing Track Of Deadlines

Without a DMS, keeping track of tasks, the time they take and in-turn, the tracking of their deadlines is difficult. It can be easy for an employee to keep track of their task when there are stacks of paper files in front of them. By comparison, keeping track of work tasks and meeting important deadlines becomes easier with a document management system. Employees can easily prioritise work based on its importance and introduce further efficiency in their workflow by streamlining these processes.

  • Team Building And Collaboration

Paper based workflows are difficult for employers to create and manage. Tracking tasks using a document management system with workflow features, makes it easier for employees to trace their own activities. This is particularly important where a DMS offers document collaboration options so a document can be routed to one or more colleagues for their input. Where deadlines are set and have to be met, an individual can trace their own activity and also review their colleagues’ activities and the overall progress of the task in hand. These types of document management features encourage a culture of transparency, encourage individual responsibility for a task and help propagate a stronger team ethos in the workplace.

So, if you also feel that your business is in need of a dose of improved efficiency and productivity, then take a look at a document management system – it could be the solution you are looking for!