Document management application offer tools for scanning, data capture, document management and email management and are used in many organisations. Companies from varied industries have been using document automation for years to save money and build more efficient business processes.

This steady drive of document digitisation has encouraged human resource departments in many organisations to reduce their reliance on paper. As a result, many of the document management challenges that have traditionally plagued HR are becoming a thing of the past.

  • A Reliance on Paper

    The successful transition to a system to manage digital HR documents and data starts with the careful assessment of the various types of docs and data involved. The management of HR role creates large numbers of documents. The process begins before an employee is hired and continues after they leave. HR and their interaction with other departments also generates other forms, information and documents that must be secured and may need to be retained for many years. Therefore, it is important to establish the basis of the filing system that will be used and the type of documents that will be filed.

  • Fewer Tasks and More Enthusiasm

    The HR function is not only about recruiting employees, it is one that can offer real additional value to a business.  So, in a competitive business environment, it makes sense for companies to invest in technologies and strategies that reduce unnecessary HR administrative burdens that empower HR professionals so they can add this value to their businesses; to encourage and help build a working environment that will contribute to the future success of an organisation and their employees.

  • Personnel File Management

    With a Document Management Application, an HR department is able to easily file and retrieve employee records and documents. These systems can also manage access to HR documents; an employer may not want their employees to see their own company confidential information held on file. This is an important point to highlight, particularly in respect to data protection legislation. An HR department armed with a DMS will be able to save time and effort filing and retrieving documentation, but also offer peace of mind to employees knowing their personnel data, information that is private and personal to themselves, is being managed securely.