Docusoft already provide an extremely effective Document Management System to manage all client related documents in a single, secure environment.  The Docusoft CRM adds significant value to the DMS by providing a comprehensive and integrated solution to manage client/contact data, tasks, templates, and mail merges.

The Customer Relationship Management is a powerful system designed to manage contacts, tasks and communications, in association with the Docusoft DMS. It includes functionality for Calendars, Task Management, Client Database Management (User Defined Fields), Contact Management (User Defined Fields) and Document creation using the embedded Docusoft Mail Merge facility. It is appropriate both for any existing client database and for other databases such as Prospects, Suppliers, etc.

The CRM Database Manager includes support for an unlimited number of User Defined Fields in any format for each client. Look-up fields can also be created to external databases, so that from a single view it is possible to see all client related data from many sources. Extensive viewing and filtering is provided and users can save preferred views. Access to the DMS is seamless so all the related documents can be easily viewed, and any data can exported to Excel. Ad-hoc letters and emails can be created for single clients and mail merges can be created for multiple clients.

The CRM Contact Manager provides a database of contacts related to each client. For each client multiple address details are supported along with multiple contacts, and for each contact there are additional User Defined Fields to support email addresses, position, preferred contact method, Golfer, DOB, etc.

The CRM Calendar is used to create a visual representation of user appointments, meetings and activities. Managers can review team and individual calendars and all calendars can be synchronised with Outlook.

The CRM Task Manager is a task creation facility where users can create and manage tasks/activities through their various stages to a completion. Easy to view task lists for individuals and teams are presented to monitor current and outstanding activities.

The CRM Campaign Manager supports the ability to create a task and manage it as a campaign. This will be effective when planning, for example, a campaign to Prospects where all the assignees (i.e. Managers) can have their own task and any responses can be checked off against the campaign so that the campaign results can be reviewed

The CRM MailMerge brings together the CRM Contact and Database Manager Modules to deliver a powerful Mail Merge facility. It provides the filters to select clients/contacts based on database fields, the templates for mass document printing, the templates for mass email creation, and a document splitter to file the results into the Docusoft DMS.

The Docusoft CRM delivers an extremely effective solution to client/contact management, associated task management, user calendars and document creation/delivery. The integrated Docusoft DMS and CRM solution is aimed at any practice looking to combine access to client documents, client data, external client data (i.e. a look-up to 3rd party Accounting Suites) and client tasks into a single suite.

Docusoft provide solutions that deliver significant process improvements and ultimately save time and money.

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