Choosing the right Document Management System can be challenging. You need to think about your company’s objectives carefully and how a DMS solution can help meet these aims.

Implementing a Document Management System solution will deliver value to an organisation. However, the challenge is selecting which solution will provide the best value and which is the right DMS vendor to work with?

In order to implement the best Document Management System solution for your firm, it is also essential to consider future organisational change and if the features available in the DMS solutions you are looking at are versatile enough and offer a level of future proofing that is acceptable for your organisation’s planned growth.

When choosing a Document Management System consider the following points:

  • The Server: Where will the Document Management System be installed? Can you install it on an existing server or will you have to purchase a new one? Can the DMS be hosted at a datacentre and connected to remotely
  • Structure: When looking for the right DMS, check you can be customise it to offer some replication of your current filing structure. Making it easier for users to adopt a new system by adding familiarity will allow them to understand intuitively how documents are organised. What is going to be filed and how will it be referenced? In general, there are three ways that documents are organised: by company/client, by project and by subject matter.
  • Permissions: How you can customise a DMS to authorise users to access the system. Understand how you set custom permissions for users to access folders, sections and documents. You need to know what they can see and what they can do within the system.
  • Versioning: In a corporate environment, where a number of people may need to work on the same document, being able to review the different versions of the documents is important. Find a DMS that allows you to keep track of who accesses a document and the changes that are made.
  • Search capability: Search capability is one of the most important features of document management system. Investigate the search features and ensure these include, search of companies and contacts, full-text searches, visual previews and filing structures. The right DMS will offer easy to use powerful search and display features.
  • File sharing: If your organisation shares documents both internally and with external users, then you must find a system that offers this feature. Make sure the document sharing tools include security features to ensure confidential information remains that way.