What are your information management issues?

Insolvency practitioners waste significant time when handling and filing case correspondence and e-mails. Managing the volume of documents and making sure matters are dealt with in a timely fashion are key aspects of the case handling process. There is a constant requirement to work remotely and/or access information across multiple offices. Sharing information and creating reports is sometimes very inefficient using email. Managing the volume of papers takes time and occupies expensive office space. Coping with regulatory visits can be stressful, especially where case filing is not well organised and supporting time and fees billing is a major concern.

How can we help?

Docusoft has been engaging with IPs for many years and as such we have successfully met the specific requirements of each implementation. The Docusoft DMS contains specialist templates for the Insolvency Practitioner and each template can be deployed and tailored to meet requirements. Case filing indices for pre and post appointment and any other filing section are readily available, taking the stress out of introducing a document management system. The user interface makes review of case correspondence easy for both members of the team and regulatory authorities. The workflow provides a powerful internal processing mechanism and management tool, whilst the detailed audit trail helps support time and fees billing. Dynamic links with leading Insolvency back-office systems boosts efficiency for document filing. All saving time, frustration and money.

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The benefits of Docusoft


  • Protect fees with a full audit trail

  • Controlled access to files and folders

  • Central location for files

  • Backup and recovery is easily managed

  • Regulatory compliance enhanced


  • Carry case files on laptop

  • Access correspondence from anywhere.

  • Powerful search engine

  • Consistency in document/case filing

  • Eliminate misfiling of documents

Storage / Efficiency

  • Increase productivity and services

  • Enhances business processes

  • Release expensive office space


  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • TWAIN Compatible Scanners

  • Insolvency back-office suites

What our client says?

Docusoft addresses accessibility and compliance issues, which gets tighter every year.
“We had been looking at solutions to sharing
our information between offices and looking at
storage issues anyway when I met another
insolvency practitioner at a dinner party and he
had seen Docusoft. That made the difference
and we were so impressed with the initial
presentation and then with the product itself.
Although it was initially used for accountants we
have a system that really works for us and the
hands-on support from the set up team has
been excellent.”

Simon Thornton, Houghton Stone Business Recovery

A highly successful North London Insolvency Practitioner selects Docusoft for their document management requirements.
“We have considered for a long time the move
to less-paper working system. The volume of
email, especially from other professional
advisors, has added significant challenges to our
working practice.”
“We have been very impressed with Docusoft – it
has proved invaluable in terms of case review
capability and business process management”

Alan Clark, Carter Clark Business Recovery

Most importantly our staff like it as it is making their lives easier.
“With the development of our business and
increased activities amongst multiple offices we
needed to provide a better structure for
handling and storing case related
correspondence no matter where members of
our team were working. A key requirement has
been to make our team as efficient as possible.
We have also wanted to improve the accuracy
of our filing and record-keeping to meet
compliance standards. This means E-Mails and
scanned papers needed to be effectively stored
together for each case.”

Andrew McTear, McTear William & Woods

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