The paperless office is still a vision of the future. In many ways, due to technology, the myth of the paperless office is beginning to become a reality. Technology has played a major role in moving towards this reality, but at one point it also became a hindrance. Let’s see
For centuries, the world has relied on paper to keep records of events, places, and people. When monetary systems were established, paper was the only way to keep financial records. Paper was used for almost everything. However, the wide use of paper has put a strain on our natural resources.
It has been decades since the concept of a paperless office was first publicised. At that time, the concept was more of a dream that only a few people believed would be possible. However, that dream is now slowly turning into reality as companies have discovered the financial benefits of
Have you ever been in a situation where you spent precious time just searching for a document you need? If you have, then you’re not alone. So many people tend to place little importance in keeping important documents filed properly. This results in missing or misplaced documents and could end
One key challenge facing accountants today involves modernising the practice to meet the needs for “Knowledge Sharing” and “Streamlining Processes”. The platforms required to deliver on these include Portals, Document Management Solution, Customer Relationship Management , Workflow, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searches, Document Controls, etc. Docusoft deliver a suite of solutions