Industries are realising the numerous benefits of adopting a paperless working environment. No matter if you run a small business or own a large-scale enterprise, if you still rely on storing and filing paper, switching to a paperless office solution will deliver benefits for your business in several ways.

  • Increase Efficiency

    With an advanced solution to automate your new paperless environment, business processes are handled more efficiently. Employees are able to work more efficiently, leading to improved productivity. Freeing up more time, helping to increase the ROI for your business and allowing personnel to focus on more productive duties.

  • Easy Storage

    Electronic document management allow paper documents created in your office or that come from external sources, to be scanned instantly and saved in one central location. Storing all these documents in an electronic format, allows them to be stored easily and without the need of expensive filing cabinets and storage space.

  • Speedy Search and Retrieval

    Studies show that employees spend huge amount of their valuable time searching for paper documents. With a Paperless Office, your team doesn’t have to waste valuable time looking for documents. Once all the paper documents are converted into an electronic format, they become easier to find. Documents can be indexed using key information like document type, date or other unique meta-data defined by the user. This information can be searched and filtered to make the task of searching far easier. Some document management systems are even equipped with advanced features to search document text and content.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

    A key reason why business owners set up a paperless environment is that it assists with the reduction of operational costs. Using and storing hard paper copies of documents incurs unnecessary expense: paper, ink, toner and also the significant cost of maintenance. A cost that is often overlooked is the storage space needed to keep paper records! Organisations can use a huge amount of space and some even out grow their office and lease additional space to warehouse their files! A paperless office can help you cut down and even eliminate these costs.