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Document Management & Collaboration

Introduction A Document Management System (DMS) could deliver significant benefits to any law practice looking to manage client correspondence more effectively and enhance internal processes. Most DMS solutions provide easy to use features to file and retrieve any document in any format and may include email management too. In addition DMS solutions will provide [...]

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Docusoft – Client Relationship Management

Docusoft already provide an extremely effective Document Management System (DMS) to manage all client related documents in a single, secure environment.  The Docusoft CRM adds significant value to the DMS by providing a comprehensive and integrated solution to manage client/contact data, tasks, templates, and mail merges. The CRM is a powerful system designed to [...]

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Document Management System can benefit your business

Document management has been around for many years even before Facebook and wireless broadband Companies have been trying to take the challenge and ensure they use less paper, but they keep hitting the print button. You want to use less paper but your mail box keeps getting filled with email after email after email. Take a [...]

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Securing Information Against Unauthorised Access

DocuSoft Portal Flyer Another key challenge facing accountants today involves secure document delivery. Securing information against unauthorised access is a critical part of the accounting process and confidential information needs to be delivered to the client securely and be responded to in short timeframes – post and emails have been the traditional delivery methods, but involve [...]

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3 reasons Managing Documents electronically helps compliance

There are several reasons why organisations should resort to managing documents electronically. From the business point of view, the main reasons are to achieve savings in terms of costs and time, better productivity and increased efficiency. With more and more laws favoring transparency and better management of information, achieving legal compliance has become a major reason to use electronic document management. In this blog post, we will [...]

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Document Management is better with workflow

Document Management Systems (DMS) can deliver significant benefits, specifically in addressing the requirement to manage client correspondence more effectively. Any document in any format can be filed easily, and extensive search options are provided to locate these documents and make them available to be displayed. This is ideal for bringing together paper documents (i.e. post [...]

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Paperless Office Improves Efficiency and Reduces Environmental Impact

When a company decides to move from a paper environment into a paperless environment, the company makes a big leap forward into improving the efficiency of its employees and the reduction of environmental impact. Not only that, the company will have also made a move to significantly reduce its operational costs. A paperless office improves [...]

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Remote User Productivity with Document Management

In today’s business environment you would not often see a company that only has a single location. Limited markets mean limited revenues thus a company will usually have two or more locations where they operate. Even small to medium scale enterprises will have more than just one sales office. Large corporations will need offices scattered [...]

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