Docusoft software provide proven document management solution delivering significant benefits to firms and organisations across many industries and professions. The software is designed to be highly configurable and as such can be customised to meet individual requirements. Significantly because it is very ease to use, very quickly implemented and is easily cost justified the benefits can be realised quickly.

Security of information is important to all businesses we recognise this so we do not provide a delete function. We also provide extensive security and access features for storing and accessing all types of information in any format, including paper, electronic files, emails and email attachments. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and other business applications DocuSoft can benefit any business looking to improve their current filing and storage arrangements and enhance their operational efficiency.

Implementations of DocuSoft have benefited many clients in a number of industry sectors so please click on the appropriate menu option, or see below, to find out how we can help you.

Document Management

DocuSoft Scanning

A key feature of DocuSoft is the ability to manage paper, which is the cause of so many inefficiencies in today &rsquo s business processes. Searching for paper based documents wastes a significant amount of time and costs huge amounts of money in terms of storage and access. And the volumes of paper that need managing are increasing significantly.

DocuSoft Scanware is our solution for paper capture. It provides all the interfaces required to control the scanning of documents and converting them into an electronic form for filing. It works with any TWAIN compliant scanner or existing Multifunction Device, and DocuSoft provide advice on the best solutions and scanner configurations for each of our clients. DocuSoft supports the industry standards for electronically scanned documents including TIFF and PDF.

With DocuSoft Scanware businesses can very quickly scan all paper documents that need to be filed. The module includes facilities to:

  • Scan all incoming post in one scan, or scan individual documents

  • Save all scanned pages, or selected pages, from the scan workstation

  • Save documents to selected folders and retain documents on screen to file to other folders

  • Index (File) documents to folders as they are scanned or route documents to users so that they can index accordingly.

DocuSoft Indexing

To make sure documents are filed correctly DocuSoft presents a number of indexing options. As standard DocuSoft provide a template which represents a typical filing for each business sector. This template can be fully customised either at implementation, or on an on-going basis, to reflect existing, or any changes to the, business/filing requirements. The template typically consists of:

  • Folders

  • Sections

  • Sub-Sections (Optional)

  • Clients/Accounts/Suppliers, etc

  • Dates, including document date and received date

  • Descriptions

A number of extra user-defined indexing fields can be added to the template if required. In addition a master list of Clients, Accounts, Suppliers, etc., can be imported at the implementation stage and added to on an ad-hoc basis. All indexed documents are converted into searchable content with the Optical Charcater (OCR) solution provided by DocuSoft. This then allows any value or character string to be used to search documents for retrieval. DocuSoft also provides the option to route indexed documents to a user for further processing – see DocuSoft Workflow. It is important to know that all documents are maintained in their original format and cannot be altered or deleted

DocuSoft Capture

Typically when a document is created from a business application or from a Microsoft product, such as Word or Excel, it would be ideal to store it in a central repository. DocuSoft manages this effectively by seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft Office Suite and numerous business applications. This has significant benefits as the document will be available to all users, it will be secure (and cannot be deleted), it will be registered in the Audit Trail, it will be date-stamped, and it will be filed correctly. DocuSoft can be accessed from, for example, Word, Excel, Outlook and other applications, delivering the quick and efficient indexing that is required. DocuSoft add-in are provided to users and when accessed the DocuSoft indexing screen is presented to the user so that a document can be indexed to the correct file (with numerous additional indexing options). Also it is at this stage that a user can optionally be notified that there is an action to do on this document. Another option is that documents that currently reside on local or network drives can easily be indexed to DocuSoft either as individual documents or as zip files. This allows for a complete back file conversion of existing electronic documents to be achieved extremely quickly. Documents can be captured and stored in a variety of formats including .doc, .tif, .pdf, .xls, .zip, etc.

DocuSoft Searching/Viewing

Once documents have been indexed they need to be accessed easily and quickly. DocuSoft provide powerful search and display tools (DocuSoft Findware) so that documents can be retrieved by any or all of the indexed fields, and/or the content retrieved from the embedded OCR system. The results of the search are presented as a list of documents which match the search criteria and each document can be accessed. For speed of display DocuSoft present a preview window which functions for all document types – this provides a very quick and easy to use display option. However we also provide a Launch facility which will present the document in its original format in the original product used for creating the document, i.e. a stored email will Launch MS-Outlook, and a stored Word document will Launch MS-Word. From the preview window various functions are provided including the possibility to email (with the ability to convert documents to pdf), re-file or route documents to users.

DocuSoft E-Mail Manager

With E-Mail such an important part of everyday commerce, it has become increasingly important to have quick and efficient means of filing and saving emails, together with attachments, into the relevant client, case or project file. Using some innovative techniques the DocuSoft Email Manager (Based around the Microsoft* Outlook email client) provides a number of neat and time-saving features for saving and indexing email correspondence, whether incoming or outgoing. A number of functions comprise the DocuSoft Email Manager including:

  • Send multiple documents with one e-mail.

  • Save multiple emails, with a single click

  • Save on Send prompt to ensure outgoing emails are not overlooked

  • Tagging in MS Outlook of saved emails so they are not saved twice

  • E-Mails each get their own unique document id for full audit trail of activity

  • E-Mails are saved with their attachments for a true record of communications in and out

  • Content indexing of saved emails allows fast retrieval based on any words, either in the text, email body or attachment.

The combination of all these features enables the DocuSoft Outlook E-Mail Manager to deliver real benefits to any organisation. Staff can save a huge amount of time and will ensure that any significant emails requiring a timely response are not overlooked. It improves productivity, improves record-keeping and improves customer service for any organisation, large or small.

DocuSoft Workflow

Companies spend significantly large sums of money searching for documents, mainly due to the inefficiency of the internal process. Document Management provides the ability to improve the business process using workflow techniques – there has to be a move towards less paper-intensive processes which will save companies money. A recent report published by JP Morgan suggests that, on average, filing and maintaining 500,000 pieces of paper costs, for corporate firms, an estimated $250,000 in workflow management, another $115,000 to research lost files, and about $150,000 in storage and disposal costs. The report also indicates that companies often pay extra fees for their paper trails, since the paper documentation they request often duplicates information they have already received. Another recent report suggests that UK SMEs waste over 42 million per day principally from the inefficiency of the paper-handling process and this is increasing. To facilitate improvements in user productivity and company efficiency DocuSoft provide as standard the ability to route and manage documents via the DocuSoft Workflow tools. Having scanned documents with DocuSoft Scanware user s also have the option ( and at the same time as indexing documents ) to route the document to a user for Action. This takes the form of presenting users with an In-Tray of all actionable documents in whatever format they may be in – these documents will already be indexed into the filing system. The In-Tray therefore is a visual representation of activity driven by emails, scanned post, Word or Excel documents, or any document stored in DocuSoft that needs to be reviewed and/or actioned. The key benefit of this approach is to take paper out of the process. Workflow delivers to users all information electronically so no manual distribution of paper or electronic information is required. With the Audit Trail provided on all DocuSoft document activity no information can be lost, misplaced or ignored.

DocuSoft PDF Writer

  • Want to save time when storing PDF files into DocuSoft?

  • Would you like a slick and efficient system for your team to use?

DocuSoft PDF Writer is a software add-on utility which provides a 2-in-1 service for you. Service 1 – generates a PDF file of whatever you may wish to print and/or electronically store, and Service 2 – automatically and at the same time starts the DocuSoft indexing screen so you can tell the computer where the file is to be saved. The DocuSoft PDF Writer enables you to Capture print output from any application, including the Microsoft Office Suite and legacy applications, making it highly compatible with both your existing software and also any software you may wish to use in the future. It can also be used to capture and file web pages and general web content using the Print function in your favourite web browser too.
Uses for the DocuSoft PDF Writer include:

  • Storing of Accounts Reports and Company Accounts returns

  • Storing of Tax returns

  • Storing of Payslips and Employer summaries

  • Filing of audit trail and other end month reports

  • Storing of Management Accounts

  • Filing PDF versions of any print output slickly and smoothly

The benefits of using the DocuSoft PDF Writer are in saving time for the team when storing files, and improving productivity. This time-saving utility will pay for itself rapidly.

DocuSoft Document Publishing Portal

Paperwork can get lost, and is not always traceable as it moves around the office or is sent via the post. E-Mail can be used but it is a medium open to interception or accidentally being junked. The DocuSoft Document Publishing Portal provides a secure means of transmitting documents at the click of a button from the main office to a remote worker or customer. The Portal also facilitates the reverse flow of remote document too. Example uses can be for sending of confidential documents, or empowering remote workers, or collection of remote documents and sending back-to-base for processing.

DocuSoft Briefcase Manager

We have made it easy to go to a client meeting at the client site and not have to take with you the paperwork or the whole client file? DocuSoft Briefcase Manager does just that – connect a laptop to the main DocuSoft server, download the client files or selected documents using the Briefcase function and disconnect the laptop. It is now possible to go to the client with a standalone version of DocuSoft and use all the functionality of DocuSoft to search and display documents. For those users who spend time away from the office, but need access to important information, this can be of significant benefit.

DocuSoft Export

DocuSoft Export functions in a similar way to the DocuSoft Briefcase Manager in that documents can be exported. This allows documents and records to be digitally exported to an external file location (outside of DocuSoft). An example of real-life use of the Export function has been to digitally pass DocuSoft-held case records from one organisation to another, without having to resort to the time, difficulty and cost of printing everything out on paper.