The Docusoft Creator is a software add-on utility which will merge any number of documents (Documents stored in Docusoft and also documents on the network) into a single PDF.

Documents are selected from within Docusoft and presented in a list. Further external documents can be added and the list can be managed, re-sequenced, etc. In addition Word documents or Emails can be converted to PDF from within utility. The merged document can then be stored anywhere, emailed out, password protected, published to the Portal or saved to Docusoft. It can even have document stamps applied (i.e. a ‘Draft’ stamped can be over layed on the document). The utility is a very easy to use add-on for ad-hoc document creation where a single PDF is required, for example, as an alternative to using multiple attachments in an email. Or where a book style presentation is required using standard ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ pages.

Document Creator